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American Open MRI & CT Center continually strives to find better ways to serve physicians and healthcare providers by delivering the highest quality care to patients, and conducting procedures in the most comfortable and least intrusive ways possible. Both our radiologic technologists and our radiologists share the same standards for success resulting in a higher degree of clinical and service excellence. Consequently our reports are accurate and delivered quickly to the referring doctor.

Open MRI
American Open MRI utilizes GE’s Signa Profile/i Open MRI in a relaxed non-claustrophobic atmosphere. The MRI is a non-invasive procedure (No Pain) that uses powerful magnets and radio waves that are not felt to construct pictures of the body...
CT Scan
Utilizing GE’s HiSpeed CT/i, Computed Tomography System, American Open & CT Center’s CAT Scans, provides rapid, detailed cross-sectional imaging of the patient which can then be reconstructed into three-dimensional models, as needed...
American Open MRI & CT Center offers the latest in X-ray technology. GE’s Proteus XR/a, General Purpose Radiographic System, is engineered for high-quality, low-dose imaging study after study...

The radiological group who provides radiology services at American Open MRI & CT Center is recognized as one of the leading authorities in medical diagnostic imaging in the Delaware Valley... more

The goal of our radiologic technologists is to make the diagnostic and imaging procedure process as stress free as possible while still insuring that the images are correct and easily read by the radiologists... more
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